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Working together with passion, creativity and love.

Imagination and Beyond.

Meraki Build Team Pre-made build shop.

Why Choose Meraki?

High Quality Builds

Your projects are done with great care. Your own expectations will be your desirable limit, because every block counts.

Premium Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24/7. Any problems or complications will be handled in a timely manner.

Fast and Reliable

Need a build done in a short period but want a reliable and beautiful outcome? No worries, we got you covered.


"Purchased a large build from Meraki. I'm impressed by the quality and composition of the build. The build was finished 3 days before the deadline. A great team, would definitely recommend!"
Dhuine, Owner of Skyblock Earth
"One of the best build teams I have found! Beautiful builds that are worth the price. Big vouch for them, I will definitely be a returning customer."
snimka, Owner of IratusPvP
"Meraki has never disappointed me, They went above and beyond my vision for the build. Best build team I've worked with in my server owning career. For sure, huge vouch for this team. Can't wait to put in my next order!"
RevVs, Owner of Hammer Kingdoms
"Ordered multiple builds from Meraki for my server. I'm in love with their buildstyle and the quality of all their builds. Meraki's work isn't only unique but also improves player experience in game. One of the best teams out there with work that's done with effort and thought-through precision."
Alex, Owner of Oreocraft Network

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